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After being recently diagnosed (5 months ago) with one of the many forms of hypothyroidism, I ran around from Doctor to Doctor trying to find a cure that didn’t involve the common treatments of Liothyronine and Levothyroxine or the extreme solution of surgery. There were very little answers from the clinics and hospitals in terms of a natural way to cure this disease. This disease was not something that ran in my family and therefore was something I created ad believe that I should be able to cure without prescription medication that had some rather nasty potential side effects (hair loss, seizures, heart attacks!!?!?! – no thanks). Even poking around the internet on various forums and groups constructed for hypothyroid sufferers provided no real answers. That’s when I found

The ebook sold on the site is authored by a naturopath. The book takes a holistic approach to curing hypothyroidism and is a breath of fresh air to everything else that is out there. I am 3 months into the plan and methodology that is offered in the book and am seeing some undeniable results. Increased energy, weight loss, less mood swings to name a few. The plan offered is not the easiest, but for the end result the book promises it is definitely worth it! If your like me and have purchased ebooks in the past, then you know that they are definitely hit or miss and more often than not never live up to the outrageous claims on the sales page. To tell you the truth, I probably never would have purchased the ebook had it not been for their 60 day money back guarantee – whats to lose really? It put my mind at ease and obviously now I am more than satisfied with my purchase. Lets get into a breakdown of what exactly this book offers.

The books opening chapter gives a breakdown of what hypothyroidism actually is, the different types, how it occurs, the symptoms, how your thyroid functions and who the disease affects. It is an excellent source of knowledge about the disease and explains things in laymen terms making it very easy to understand especially if you have no medical background about the disease.

Next, the book goes into how to know if you are suffering from hypothyroidism. This chapter goes into detail about the different medical tests that you need to undergo, and even suggests the not so common tests that doctors don’t always tell you about in order to pinpoint exactly what type of hypothyroidism you are suffering from (I actually found 2 different blood tests that I had no idea about). Once you get those tests, the book then talks about how to analyze those results by providing interpretation tables to understand what those random numbers from your test actually mean.

Next, it goes over the Western model of how to fight this disease and explains the all to common treatments that are out there, their potential side-affects and how they actually work to combat the disease. It’s a pretty simple chapter and a perfect interlude into the discussing the alternative and holistic approach to curing this demoralizing disease.

The next few chapters discuss some other little known factors that cause hypothyroidism (all the different types) and the available natural nutrition that can help supplement you in your battle. A thorough breakdown of the various herbal medicines available is provided and how they affect the way your thyroid functions along with recommended dosages. This information is provided to educate the reader on why these natural remedies work and how they work. It is a prelude to the main part of the book, the chapter named ‘bringing it all together’. In this chapter, all the information you have just digested is applied in a step by step diet and lifestyle plan that will help combat your hypothyroidism. It includes daily meal and supplement plan and 4 phases of implementation, the first of which is a natural detox to rid your body of the toxins it is carrying and preps your body for the change of diet you are about to partake. I’m not going to go into the different phases in detail, but I will let you know that I am currently on phase 2 of 4 and like I mentioned above, the results have surpassed my expectations.

The next two chapters expand even further on foods groups you want to stay away from and food groups to welcome into your life – an excellent generalization so you can make educated decisions when you don’t have the in depth information on hand. The chapter also discusses the importance of exercise and goal setting in the overall equation – a no brainer really but the information is expressed in a manner not to intimidate but instead motivate the reader that adding this aspect to your routine is really not that difficult. The final chapter talks about the number 1 cause of almost any disease in the world – STRESS! It gives some great stress busting techniques and relaxation guidelines. I really love how this is incorporated into the book as this is probably the most important part of the healing process – controlling your stress levels. No matter how healthy your diet, how often you exercise, or what medication you decide to take, stress will always have adverse health affects on your system.

This book truly puts it all together. It provides detailed knowledge about hypothyroidism, its affects and treatments, the various natural remedies that are available, and a complete lifestyle solution for ridding this disease NATURALLY. This book comes with high praise from me and I if you do suffer from hypothyroidism and are ready to make a change in your life for good and drug free, then I urge you to take some time and check out:

I would love to hear your results and experiences with the solution, feel free to contact me with any questions or stories.

Cheers to your health!!

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