Natural Organic Premium Moringa Oleifera

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Natural Organic Premium Moringa Oleifera – 100 Teabags
What makes Natural Thai Moringa Oleifera Tea from Lunglang so healthy and delicious? Because it a “Tisane”. Unlike teas, Moringa contains no caffeine and can be enjoyed by all.

Health benefits of Moringa oleifera teas:

47 Antioxidants
36 Anti-inflammatories
25 Vitamins & Minerals
27% Plant-based protein
All 8 essential Amino Acids

It is flavorful and nutritious, you can drink it as plain tea or spice it up with some lemon, cinnamon, or honey.

100 teabags per package.
Thai Moringa Oleifera Tea is a nutrient-rich Tisane. It contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.
Usage: Simply open the package, place the tea bag in a cup, drop boiling water on it, wait for it to cool down, and enjoy drinking!
Our Thai Moringa Oleifera Tea contains NO synthetic ingredients, NO animal products or by-products, and NO caffeine.